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Sponsorships are a win-win opportunity for both our partners and our school. Our sponsors will receive deserved recognition for engagement in our school community, as each sponsor directly enhances the educational environment for every child. Our PTA has a rich tradition of focusing all of our fundraising efforts on programs, activities, and equipment that directly benefit our students and our school. Your contribution is completely tax deductible. Sponsorship donations can be made in any of the following forms:

  • One time Monetary Donation
  • Professional Services
  • Equipment Donation

PTA has contributed funds to help pay for the following:

  • AR Program
  • Fall festival
  • APEX Fun Run
  • Yearbook
  • Book Fair
  • Reflections
  • Spirit Wear
  • Square One Art
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Reindeer Lane
  • Holiday Shop
  • Walking Program
  • Shade Structure
  • Sweetheart Dance
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Sweetheart Dance
  • Funding for Library Resources
  • 5th Grade Promotion
  • Funding for STEAM Lab Materials
  • Kindergarten Celebration of Growth

We value our sponsors highly. Sponsorship is a great way to highlight your business. The PTA sincerely appreciates your consideration as a family or corporate sponsorship for 2021-2022 school year. Whatever form it takes, your donation will directly impact the school, students, and teachers. Cash contributions are deposited into the PTA Fund, and they will be earmarked to support currently planned programs.

If you would like to sponsor our programs or if you would like to help PTA acquire outside sponsorship, please contact us.

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Sponsorship Online Payment & Form

Easy online Sponsorship payment and form.
Click here to Become A Sponsor

Become a Sponsor Form

You can pay with check in person and fill out the Sponsorship form online.

Make checks payable to: John L. Golden PTA


Sponsors 2023-24 school year

Non-Commercial Policy
– Sponsorship are applied for 2023- 2024 school year only. – One time full payment. No refund or exchanges. – PTA has authority to accept or deny sponsorships. – PTA does not limit business category to sponsor on PTA DJ Shout out, Facebook page, Yearbook, website homepage, website sponsor page, email newsletter, event fliers, and other events. Sponsors are treated equally on basis of their levels. Non-Commercial Policy: John L. Golden PTA does not endorse any commercial product or service. Companies making a financial contribution to PTA may be entitled to promotional consideration and, in some cases, may have limited use of PTA’s marks and assets. John L. Golden PTA does not rent or sell personally identifying information about our individual members – including email addresses. If you believe a company is misrepresenting its relationship with PTA or if you have general questions about PTA’s protocol for engaging with sponsors, please contact us.

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